My WanderList



Man. This is harder than I was expecting! So far I’ve read two books and am partially through a third one….

I’ve not listened to a single podcast, The Economist still hasn’t started arriving, and I’m not even thinking about countries or capitals of the world.

In an attempt to salvage this project before it crashes and burns right at the start, I’m determined to come up with something substantial for this post so I can say with good conscience that I have blogged this week.

I suppose I have been thinking a lot about the traveling portion of this experience, so I’ll start a list of dream places to visit.


Morocco– I have it in my head that Morocco will be one amazing marketplace after another.

Benin– I’d love to see some of west Africa,  the places my grandparents spent their lives, and raised their children.

Sahara Desert– Crossing this in a van with new-found friends sounds like a great idea, right, Mom?? 🙂

Egypt– Ever since sitting through many a French class with my Egyptian professor, where we ended up talking about politics, religion, and Egypt almost as much as French, I have been wanting to go see Cairo.

East African Safari– Isn’t this on everyone’s bucket list, though?

Jordan– Petra, anyone?

Lebanon– Reading “Children of Jihad” by Jared Cohen sparked this one.

Israel– The Holy Land for three major world religions–can only imagine how amazing it would be in person.

India– Everyone says you can’t go to India without leaving a changed person. At least everyone on the travel blogs…

Thailand– This has been on the list for as long as I can remember. The people! The landscape! The food!

New Zealand– For so many reasons.

Peru– A couple months language study, perhaps?

Brazil– I’m out of reasons. But why not?

I’ve been subscribing to BootsnAll’s email campaign for planning a RTW (Round the World) trip in 30 days, so I get daily emails to help plan everything from methods of travel to how to tell your family, friends, and bosses. One of the first things you’re supposed to do is pick the “pillars” of the trip–the things you absolutely must see or do. Perhaps sometime in the next year I’ll narrow this list down for the pillars. But for now, I’m dreaming big!


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