I’ve made a mistake!

Or have I?

Just watched this TED talk recently (and you should too–it’s only about 3 minutes long), and it made me think about this project. Or really, it made me think about how poorly I’ve been doing at meeting my original goals and wonder if telling people about it is the/a factor of my un-success. I’ll let you watch the talk and decide for yourself.

In any case, I also recently read The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry, and he writes a lot about energy management. (As opposed to “time management” which we all hear enough about.) It was really enlightening. I’m sure I could fill a whole post just with wisdom gleaned from that book so I won’t go into detail here, but I’m considering ways to integrate the practices he describes in his book with this project. I think it could really create a great blend that will work for my professional and personal growth.


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