Monthly Review

One Month Review


One Month (and a half) Down! 

How do you feel about the project? 

In a word: overwhelmed! After about a week, I broke down the “requirements” into quarterly checkpoints, which is helpful. But I am feeling a bit bogged down even when trying to only focus on this quarter’s goals. I’m having to re-evaluate and realize this is a personal project, so I have to give myself the freedom to make it my own. There isn’t a right or wrong–any knowledge or experienced gained is an accomplishment. Period.

What have you learned? 

About myself, I’m totally an “achiever”! (See full explanation in this post.) I’ve also learned a ton of really helpful tips related to work and life in Todd Henry’s book The Accidental Creative, which I’m sure I can turn into a post all on their own. I’ve also learned why females love Jane Austen, that amazing honey wheat rolls can really be on your dinner table in 30 minutes, and other political tidbits from The Economist.

(Also, I’ve learned that those honey wheat rolls could benefit from a little more salt than the recipe calls for, if you decide to give them a try yourself!)

What do you like?

Even though I occasionally get stressed out about my reading requirements, I love that it gets me back into some good books. I forgot how great it feels to snuggle up under a blanket (or two… landlords: anytime you want to turn the heat on for our building, that would be wonderful!) with a great book and a cup of coffee. I also like that rather than just wondering about things I don’t know, I am starting to actually look up them up. I also like the idea of blogging, and when I find the time, I like the act of it, too!

What do you not like?

Feeling stressed out about an optional obligation.

What are you looking forward to? 

I’m looking forward to making good habits about managing my time and making independent learning a significant part of my life–for the rest of my life.


One thought on “One Month Review

  1. Nancy says:

    Keep it up! You are so right when you say any learning and growth is an accomplishment :). Once again I just love your posts!

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