On New Year’s

For some reason the first of the year seems so much more significant than other days. Which is odd since time is just a construct we use to understand the incomprehensible.

But there is a beauty to the freshness of the very first day. No mistakes yet. Clean and white like the ground after a snow. Daylight dawns and before anyone muddies the ground there is beauty. A blank page of potential.

Maybe that’s why we love the first of January so much. It’s a unique time where we feel especially enabled to imagine the potential of the new year. We don’t look at how things are but how we hope them to be.

This mindset is powerful, and psychology studies give scientific evidence to support that. It’s also a central theme in the Christian faith–Jesus saw not as things were but how they could be, and he taught his disciples to do the same.

I typically don’t like New Year’s resolutions (national average length of time they’re kept: 3 weeks), but I’m a big supporter for making lifestyle changes all the year long. Becoming the who or what you want.

I’m not sure that there’s anything new I’m inspired to be in 2014 but I do aim to try to continue in the path I’ve started and live into my true design.

Oh, and keep this blog alive.


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