Living Well

Living Well

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve taken too long of a break from blogging. I’m pretty sure I even missed two monthly reviews. Oh well!

To review:

The phases have been incredibly optimistic, extremely overwhelmed, gradually apathetic, stubbornly determined.

We’re in stubbornly determined right now.

I’ve been doing a good bit of thinking lately; just sort of ruminating over some different themes for a few weeks now. And I’ve concluded that while not part of the original plan, this does apply to learning and growth and general “adulting” (post on that here)….and is therefore blog-worthy.

Basically, I believe intentional living is a key to living well. So I am committing to finding ways to incorporate intentionality into certain areas of my life. They build on each other, and will continue to evolve as long as I continue to work on them. The blogging challenge for myself is to outline (concretely, outside my own thoughts) each arena where I have been thinking about building this discipline of intentionality into my thinking–every day for a week.

Yes, I’m stubbornly determined. (And naively hopefully this will kickstart me into consistency.)

We’re starting tomorrow with (perhaps) the most essential–eating well! (And also/sort of/mainly because I have some yummy pictures to share…)


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