Monthly Review

SIX month review

SIX months down! How is this even possible?? I knew it had been a while since I had posted on this blog, but I can’t believe this project is already halfway over!

How do you feel about the project? 

I feel pretty good. I’ve come to terms with not doing absolutely everything I set out to do. I think I’ve started incorporating learning and exploration into my day-to-day, and my mind feels healthier for it.

What have you learned? 

I’ve learned loads of things on a huge variety of topics, but I think two most valuable things I’ve learned are 1. how to keep growing and learning outside the traditional education system and 2. when to keep going and when to stop. For example: pursuing creativity and developing myself (and not my “career”) professionally  are worth continuing when I don’t feel like it. Trying to master every type of bread is not worth it. It’s a hobby and not a passion. And it’s okay to not excel at hobbies.

What do you like?

My vocabulary is expanding thanks to reading more (and more quality literature).

What do you not like?

I’m still a little bummed at the realization that I won’t be able to check everything off the list at the end of this year.

What are you looking forward to? 

The future! I’m really looking forward to taking a trip and moving, and continuing to expand my hobbies and skills even after this year.


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  1. I wish there were “Like”, “Like It More”, “Like It A Lot”, “Really Really Really Like”, and “Like x1000” buttons. For now I’ll just “Like” them all. Every single one.

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