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Foto Friday No. 6

Experimenting with low key food photos here. It was an impromptu project inspired by how beautiful the roasted golden beets looked as I chopped them.

DSC_1022 DSC_1037 DSC_1049 DSC_1050 DSC_1051 DSC_1057

Work has gotten significantly more manageable in the past week, as the project to which I’ve devoted countless hours over the past year finally launched last Sunday. So I’m planning to be a bit more faithful to this blog now…

But without further ado, a veggie-packed wheat berry salad. This salad would make a great side dish with anything grilled (summer cookouts, anyone?) or as a lighter meal option with some crunchy  veggies on the side. I mainly followed this recipe from the Kitchn, with a few minor changes:

1. Subbed wheat berries for the barley.

2. Used kale instead of chard. I didn’t cook the kale, just mixed it in with the wheat berries while they were still hot. I find that if you shred kale thin enough and mix it with an acidic dressing (like the lemon juice in this salad) you can often get away without massaging or cooking it.

3. Added all the lemon juice straight to the mixed up veggies and wheat berries, and only added 1 tbsp. of olive oil (also directly to the salad).

4. I soaked a handful of dried cranberries in white wine vinegar, then added that whole mix to the salad. The extra acidity helps brighten the whole salad, and the sweetness from the cranberries is spot on with the beets and wheat berries.

5. This isn’t entirely relevant, but I used a French feta cheese, which tasted (to me) a lot less salty than the Greek kind I normally buy. So I salted very generously.

Overall, this salad is super delicious. It tasted great at room temp, and I’m sure it will make tasty cold lunches this week, too. You could easily omit the feta (or use a vegan cheese substitute) for a vegan salad option, or use brown rice or another gluten-free alternative to make it gluten-free.


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