Tuscan Low Salt Bread

Several weeks ago I checked out “The Bread Bible” by Rose Levan Beranbaum from the library. Her writing is engaging, and the recipes sound wonderful too…except they almost all call for ingredients I don’t keep on hand, with the main problem being bread flour.

I finally found one that I could make, and I documented as much of the process as I could remember…with my handy new phone, no less! I joined the world of smart phones a few weeks and taking pictures is just so darn easy! So I’ll hopefully be able to keep this blog a bit more interesting with photos for you all!

So, without further ado, Tuscan Low Salt Bread:

photo-10 copy

Mixing the biga. (My first time to use a biga in bread making.)

Pretty smooth, and ready to rise for an hour.

Pretty smooth, and ready to rise for a day.

Ready to mix the biga with more flour, yeast, and water.

Ready to mix the biga with more flour, yeast, and water.

photo-6 copy

Super dry to start with.

photo-7 copy

Getting better.

photo-4 copy

All mixed together, and ready for the next 6 hour rise. Wish I would have gotten another picture to show how much it rose before I shaped the loaf.

photo-3 copy

Last 30 minute rise while the oven preheats.

photo-2 copy

Puffed up a little unevenly in the oven… I still need more practice shaping my loaves that aren’t baked in a sandwich pan.

photo-1 copy

Had to put this one in color to show the beauty of this squash, kale, white bean stew! I love eating local, seasonal produce!

The bread was noticeably no/low salt, but dipped into this stew–pretty delish! Can’t wait to try more of Rose Levy Beranbaum’s recipes soon.

You can buy her book here¬†and I would say it’s worth the price if you are a regular bread baker. She is very thorough in her instructions, giving alternative directions for mixing by hand, in stand mixers, food processors, or bread machines¬†when recipes allow. Every recipe is also broken down into percentages of the weights for each ingredient, so you can easily manipulate, multiply, or divide quantities. I obviously can’t vouch for the success of any of the other recipes in the book, but I’m confident she knows her stuff!